A number of decorative signs by S. R. Banham


Mr. S. R. Banham has sent me a number of signs. They are a bit too detailled for use in normal text processing - and even sometimes a bit too fancy - and thus I don't publish them in the "sign library", but their might interest users looking for detailled and decorative signs.

Here is a short presentation of the sign library by Mr. Banham:

My name is Stuart Ray Banham and for a long time now I have been interested in the Ancient Egyptian Language.I have been using Jsesh for about 2 years and find the program an excellent tool for writing Egyptian inscriptions.

At first I thought the finished inscriptions seemed to lack something so I downloaded some more detailed glyphs.They looked fine but looked a bit ordinary so I thought I would try my hand at creating my own hieroglyphs. I am by no means an artist or even a good drawer but that didn't matter. I just looked through all the hieroglyphic inscriptions on Lepsius-Projekt website (and there are a lot) and on NYPL Ancient Egyptian subject matter and just downloaded any glyph that looked good and imported it into Photoshop in order to make them graycale and the correct size.After photoshop I then import them in to Inkcape and finish of the final detailed glyph. For anyone who likes the look of my glyphs and does'nt want to go through all the work involved. You can get the glyphs in svg.format from me free of charge.

Serge has kindly allowed me to send him an inscription as depicted at Abu Simbel of the Battle of Kadesh. I dont yet know if you will have to get the glyphs directly from me or from Jsesh.

The glyphs are available at http://jsesh.qenherkhopeshef.org/files_jsesh/SRB_GLYPHS.zip


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