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glyphs encoding

This small text is the first in a list about the problems of hieroglyphic encoding in practice (actually, it could qualify as the second post on the subject, as my previous post about sign D396D396 could qualify too).

I was recently asked a question about the A90 A90 sign in the JSesh library...

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About L16

glyphs encoding

I'm currently having discussions about a cleanup of the fonts, and the question of L16 has (re)appeared.

Back in 2008-2009, when M. Thomas developped most of the JSesh fonts, we had a lot of discussions about the Manuel de Codage and the like. Comparing the 1988 MdC with the Winglyph fonts, I wondered a lot about the way L16 looked in both of them.

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A few signs from the tomb of Sethy the 1st


M. Stuart Ray Banham has sent me a number of signs. Here are two nice glyphs from the tomb of Sethy the 1st. They are a bit over-detailled for use in printed work, but they can be used on large-scale printing.


Thanks, M. Banham !

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