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A Unicode 12 model font

glyphs resource unicode

The team working on hieroglyphs and unicode is working hard, and Andrew Glass, who is a specialist of OpenTypes, has produced a very nice font which can handle the new Unicode operators.

You will find it in Andrew Glass's font tools project.

If you want the font, you can download it from this...

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News about Brill font

unicode translitteration resource

M. Pim Rietbroek, from Brill has kindly notified me that their font now supported the A7BD code for yod. Thanks a lot !

I have edited and updated the corresponding pages of the JSesh website accordingly.

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News about Unicode and Hieroglyphs


There is a large ongoing project about extending the capabilities and scope of the current Unicode representation of hieroglyphs, which involves many people, both egyptologists and IT specialists.

Mark-Jan Nederhof, the creator of the Revised Encoding Scheme, is very much involve in this projec...

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