About L16

glyphs encoding

I'm currently having discussions about a cleanup of the fonts, and the question of L16 has (re)appeared.

Back in 2008-2009, when M. Thomas developped most of the JSesh fonts, we had a lot of discussions about the Manuel de Codage and the like. Comparing the 1988 MdC with the Winglyph fonts, I wondered a lot about the way L16 looked in both of them.

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Experimenting with deep learning

nlp ai

As everyone (well, probably almost everyone) interested in Natural Language Processing, I have started playing with deep learning. Deep learning (which is basically a new name for neural networks allows a computer to automatically learn to perform a task, given a (usually huge) number of examples.

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Installing JSesh on recent Macintoshes

mac problem installation

From Mac OS X Mountain Lion onward, new Mac OS X machines don't include Java.

Currently, JSesh expects java to be where it used to be on old machines, which means you must get it from here : (before installing JSesh).

Note that I have experimented, and found...

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glyphs encoding

The sign D396 D396 is a nice example of the problems we might have with sign lists.

The sign is not in the original "Manuel de Codage", nor in the original (black lead) IFAO fonts. In the Hieroglyphica (and in JSesh current fonts), the sign is made of the eye sign on the "qd" sign (Aa28). Now,...

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