Nouvelles de JSesh

JSesh 7.5.5 released!

JSesh 7.5.5 has just been released. Be sure to check the release page, which describes the new improvements.

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Ongoing work on JSesh

JSesh 7.4.2 has just been released, with its powerful search engine, but a new version of JSesh is in the forge (probably coined 7.5.something).

I will introduce many small improvements:

  • improved exports to Unicode, for both transliteration and glyphs.
  • a very convenient system for inserting...

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A new transliteration font

Boris Jegorovic has kindly sent me a package with two nice fonts which cover the "new" code for the Egyptological yod :

Thanks a lot!

If you know of other useful fonts, and think they should be listed on the transliteration page, feel free to mail me.

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