Nouvelles de JSesh

About sign E240


Sign E240 E240 is one of those weird old-kingdom signs which puzzle the reader. While looking at one of Ḥsy-rꜥ beautiful panels, I decided to write a short notice about it for JSesh sign information list.

The beginning is a bit pessimistic :

Unsure value and reading, Dilwyn Jones (o.c.) p...

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JSesh 7.5.5 font catalog

documentation glyphs

It might be important to be able to compare signs from a JSesh version to another. Starting with JSesh 7.5.5, I have decided to publish a pdf document to that purpose. The document can be found on Zenodo at DOI

It's a plain list, without any comment ; the sole purpose is to display the way a certain...

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JSesh Documentation in Japanese/JSesh ユーザーズガイド


I have the pleasure to announce that Dr. Masakatsu Nagai from The University of Tokyo has recently created two documentations for JSesh in Japanese : one for beginners, and an intermediate-level documentation.

Thanks a lot for this documentation work !

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