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Quoting JSesh

Quoting JSesh:

On the various pages about JSesh, I have misspelled the URL for JSesh documentation. Some !@𓀑 of lowlife internet scum took advantage of this to create a website with the misspelt URL, hosting malware on it.

So, the correct way to quote JSesh is : Rosmorduc, Serge. (2014). JSes...

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Kuban Stela


The Grenoble Museum hosts the Kuban stela, a beautiful monument of Ramses II. Their website allows detailed examination of the text, and also has a nice translation of the stela by Bernard Mathieu. See it here

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A few signs from the tomb of Sethy the 1st


M. Stuart Ray Banham has sent me a number of signs. Here are two nice glyphs from the tomb of Sethy the 1st. They are a bit over-detailled for use in printed work, but they can be used on large-scale printing.


Thanks, M. Banham !

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