JSesh Releases

Release 7.3.2

JSesh 7.3.2 is out !

It's a bug fix to the previous bug fix :-)

Basically, it fixes the possibility to paste back JSesh pictures from word processors.

It also includes a couple of fixes on texts from the hieroglyphic text database, and on signs.

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Release 7.3.1

JSesh 7.3.1 is out !

It's somehow a small bug fix for 7.2. It should be a bit more consistent regarding copy/paste size. The main feature,if you have difficulties with copy/paste and word using Windows, is that EMF copy/paste will be now marginless, which is better when mixing glyphs with texts.


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Release 7.2.0

JSesh 7.2.0 is out !

It adds a new (and long awaited) function : search in texts. You can search for a sequence of glyphs or for a particular quadrant.

This release of JSesh 7.2 is dedicated to the memory of Vincent Euverte.

What's new:

  • search function - both in the current text and i...

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