JSesh Releases

Release 6.4.1

Another bug fix: in column mode, empty cartouches made the program crash (stuff like <1--0>-ra-mn:n-xpr-<0--2>).

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Release 6.3.3

This release is mainly a bug fix.

  • Most important feature : fixed a bug probably introduced with JSesh 6.0 : When a sign was selected in the Palette using a phonetic code, the software would freeze. That's fixed now.

  • A number of missing signs have been added : some complete the MdC covera...

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Release 6.3.2

6.3.2 fixes a bug in the JSesh installer on Windows 7 64 bytes, and adds a few improvements too:

  • the last line of a justified text is left as is if the line is too short.
  • inter-quadrant skips are now parts of document preferences and they can be changed.

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