JSesh Releases

Release 6.0.0

JSesh 6.0.0 is out !

The main feature, along with small fixes, etc. is a "glossary editor". Select a few groups, open the glossary editor, give a code to the group, and then, access the group simply by typing the code.

The code can be anything that looks like manuel de codage, even a code already used elsewhere: the system uses the "space" key to cycle between all possibilities.

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Release 5.8

Bug fix for version 5.7.

The graphical format preference for "RTF copy/pastes" was not saved correctly.

(bug http://jsesh.qenherkhopeshef.org/fr/node/2689)

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Release 5.7

Version 5.7 is mainly a bug fix for 5.6. It solves a problem on windows: the choice of transliteration font was not correctly kept when the font was the "old" JSesh transliteration font (non unicode).

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