JSesh Releases

Release 3.2.alpha

This is an early development release. I am currently working a lot on JSesh, and I've just added undo/redo capabilities, plus a verification before exiting the program, but it has not been completely tested.

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Release 3.0

S. Thomas has just sent me the X, Y and Z family, so now,this new version of JSesh has a complete coverage of the Manuel de Codage (save a few signs which will be added later).

I deemed the event noteworthy enough to warrant an increase in the version number, so this is JSesh 3.0.

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Release 2.13.7

Version 2.13.7 replaces version 2.13.5. It fixes a small (but annoying, especially for people involved in the late period :)) bug in the rendering of the W1 sign.

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