JSesh news

Brill font and Egyptology

Brill has published a font family for its publications.

LibreOffice 3.4.3, Mac OS X and JSesh

I have just downloaded LibreOffice 3.4.3 (one of the versions of OpenOffice). And I am very pleased.

At last, the hieroglyphs are antialiased.

New signs by S. Thomas

Serge Thomas has kindly sent me a number of improved versions of JSesh signs. There are two new collections.

New documentation

JSesh documentation will move from the main site to a secondary one : http://jseshdoc.qenherkhopeshef.org.

Beta (or alpha ?) version of JSesh 5.0

If you are fearless, and want to try buggy, incomplete software, and have a look at what the next JSesh will be, you can download it here

Aten Hymn

Julio Fontan has sent me a while ago a nice version of the Aten Hymn, and has agreed for inclusion of this version in the JSesh text library. Thanks, M. Fontan!

Gosh ! 14000 download ?

Jsesh 4.3 has been downloaded 14700 times! Ok, one of the reasons is that it has been around for a long time now (nearly a year).

Two new signs collections from S. Thomas

M. Thomas has sent me a lot of new signs, both "really new" ones (in particular an impressive collection of crowns), and improved versions of existing signs (I'm particularly fond of his new G17).

New and improved signs

S. Thomas has recently sent me a set of very nice signs.

A few new signs and a fixed one

I have just published three new signs: