JSesh news

Two new utility softwares (Updated version)

Dear all, I have uploaded two utility software, which may be of some use1:

(06/11/10 I have finally published the version I made during my stay at the IFAO. It handles, inter alia, eps files with macscribe codes)

(11/17/09 Important notice: I have just fixed a problem which made the files unusable on a mac.)

  1. I would have every right to upload useless utilities if I wished so. 

New books using JSesh

V and W families

Two new families are available thanks to M. S. Thomas : V and W.

Papyrus Vandier

Grâce à Patricia Cassonnet, la bibliothèque incluse dans JSesh s'enrichira prochainement du texte du Papyrus Vandier. Il reste encore à relire le document.

New signs

Thanks to S. Thomas, yet a new bundle of signs : complements for "T", and now "U".

New signs available

A new sign family has arrived. Thanks to S. Thomas, the "T" family (weapons, etc.) will now be complete.

New sign library system on the site

I have just created a much more dynamic system for looking at the signs which have been drawn and submitted for JSesh.

Le site de JSesh en français

Le site de JSesh est en cours "d'internationalisation"... actuellement Anglais/Français, en utilisant les caractéristiques de Drupal.

JSesh at the IFAO

For the second time, I have been spending a week at L'Institut français d'archéologie orientale (IFAO), working with the scholars and the publication team to adapt JSesh to the needs of the institute, and giving tutorials to the interested parties.

JSesh has been used along with MacScribe(c) to edit the Hommages Goyon.

User information

You can now help us improve JSesh in a very simple way:
each user has now a small page "user information", in which I'll ask a few question about your uses of JSesh.